Question. Belonging. Is it something you struggle with too?

I can't remember when I first noticed the idea of not fully belonging. Looking at my family, parents, cousins, siblings, I didn't look like them. Maybe that was it. But home felt like home. It was when,others looked in that the not belonging was magnified. When visiting other families. Families who looked like one another, sounded like one another. That is when I felt a sense of isolation.  When I reunited with birth family members, suddenly I belonged to no one. Not my family (adopted) or this new birth family. I may have jeopardized it all.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I was the one who told my 50+ treat old birth sister that her mother also gave birth to me...She had no idea. I physically resemble her, but don't feel like I belong anywhere. All my life I was told all about how I didnt look like my family, I was so happy to see my eyes on another human being. It was short lived...